Changing a Tire the Safe Way

Flat tires are a likely inconvenience for most vehicle owners. On the good side, replacing a flat tire is a simple task if safety procedures are followed. Here are some tips to keep you protected.

Find a hard and flat surface to change the tire. If on the road, move as far off the shoulder as possible and place reflective markers on the shoulder. Find two rocks to “chock” the wheels. The rocks are placed to keep the vehicle from rolling when it is raised. Read the instructions for the car jack in the owner manual before beginning making note of where to place the jack.

Only loosen the lug nuts before raising the vehicle. Take them off completely when the wheel is off the ground. Stop periodically while raising the vehicle to make sure the jack is straight. Never crawl underneath the vehicle while it is jacked. If the jack fails, is can kill you. Test lug nuts snugness a day or two after the tire has been replaced. At FIAT of Vancouver, we would be happy to check your work professionally and make sure everything is in order.


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