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Fiat 500X crossover with Fiat 500

In the last few years FIAT has been the centre for a number of interesting changes that have reached out and sparked the automotive industry in profound and impressive ways. We could focus on the relatively recent acquisition by Chrysler last year, or the advancements made on the latest addition to the FIAT family with the 500X crossover and that would come with its share of interesting points.

But we're not going to do that right now.

Instead, we're excited to talk about FIAT's recent partnership with Markham. This Ontario-based SCI Lease Corporation pushes forward an agenda that FIAT has been exploring for years - leasing options that allow purchasers of FIAT vehicles to exchange their vehicle for the latest model on contract-dependent terms that range between 2 and 5 years.

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David Buckingham, the chief operating officer at FCA Canada has gone on to state that, "[w]e developed a great relationship with SCI Lease Corporation and feel with their expertise it's the right time to re-enter the leasing market."

We couldn't agree more!

With new options and vehicles preparing to enter the scene in the next few years offering the incentive of leasing that rewards drivers with the latest model is definitely going to show results. David went on to say, "[o]ur program is about affordability and offering customers exceptional value with a choice of payment options that makes sense to them."

This is great news for Canadians, a market that has previously been overlooked by Chrysler Financial Canada following the 2009 economic crisis.

The partnership has put SCI Lease Corporation into the hot seat and its president and chief executive leader, Alan Bird's enthusiasm certainly doesn't try to shy away. His own opinion of the situation is obvious, "leasing provides consumers and dealers with a great new addition to FCA Canada's current financing options available in the marketplace. We are looking forward to supporting FCA Canada in maintaining their sales success in the Canadian market."

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With 71 consecutive months of year-over-year sales growth, the pilot program is moving into effect starting soon with a plan to expand it across the entire market in early 2016.

The program improves greatly on the previous leasing model that existed until 2009. Now, there are certainly opportunities for leasing through regional companies, the fact that FCA is spearheading this new system of leasing is a great sign for consumers. Not only does it mean that there will a definitive model to hold to, but with the support of the FCA, drivers can be confident that they will receive the care and consideration that they deserve from one vehicle onto the next.

Alongside the FIAT brand, drivers interested in other vehicles present across the company will be pleased to know that it will apply to Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and even Alfa Romeo models. Expectations are set rather high and consumer interest in the test markets has proven very receptive to the principles the new leasing program allows.

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