The Fiat 124 Spider Roadster Has Impressive Performance

Fiat 124 Spider Roadster is a popular convertible sports car that you can find at our dealership in the Vancouver area. If you're looking for an attractive convertible that performs masterfully you can find it at FIAT of Vancouver. Here are some of the performance features of the 124 Spider Roadster:

Turbocharged Engine With 160 Horsepower

The 1.4L MultiAir turbocharged engine in the 124 Spider Roadster has 16 valves and twin intercoolers that circulates ample amounts of cool air for stunning power.

Pick Your Transmission

Choose between a six-speed 

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Style and Function Combine in the Fiat 500e Exterior

Electric cars don't have to look boring. With the Fiat 500e, you get European styling united with form in function in an economical vehicle that has sparked the interest of many of our customers at FIAT of Vancouver. Here is what we like about this outstanding vehicle.

The Fiat 500e is no ordinary-looking electric car. It has a rear spoiler to give it a sporty look. You'll also enjoy features such as attractive 15-inch cast-aluminium wheels, black-trimmed headlamps, and orange mirror caps, bodyside stripes and wheel accents that dress up your new Fiat for everyone to see and…

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Changing a Tire the Safe Way

Flat tires are a likely inconvenience for most vehicle owners. On the good side, replacing a flat tire is a simple task if safety procedures are followed. Here are some tips to keep you protected.

Find a hard and flat surface to change the tire. If on the road, move as far off the shoulder as possible and place reflective markers on the shoulder. Find two rocks to “chock” the wheels. The rocks are placed to keep the vehicle from rolling when it is raised. Read the instructions for the car jack in the owner manual before beginning making note…

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Wintertime Preparation and Your Car: Get a Winter Survival Kit

Cold weather is beginning to set in. As a result, you need to get fully prepared. This means winterizing your car, including making sure your winter survival kit is in order and ready to go. There are a number of items you need to make sure are in place in your kit.

A comprehensive first aid kit is a must. If you have had a first aid kit in your car, check it out to make sure it is still complete. Your winter survival kit should have a reliable, higher power flashlight. 

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How to Get The Powertrain or Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty

After hearing about the powertrain or bumper-to-bumper warranty, you are probably wondering what you can do to get the warranty. Typically, the way you get one of the two warranties is by purchasing new or certified pre-owned vehicles. Even when looking at new vehicles, the type of warranty you are going to get depends on what is available for the vehicle.

The good thing about the powertrain and bumper-to-bumper warranties is that they are the most offered types of warranties when it comes to newer vehicles. There are other warranties that are offered depending on the vehicle, 

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Signs Your Starter May Be Failing

When you turn your key and the car doesn't start, your first inclination may be to blame the battery, but it's also possible that your starter is malfunctioning. Composed of moving parts, gears and systems like the solenoid, there are plenty of opportunities for it to fail.

You'll instantly know something is wrong if you hear an unusual grating noise when attempting to start your car. Any smoke rising from the area or a spinning noise that happens instead of the engine turning over are all indications you should have a mechanic look at your vehicle immediately…
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Safety Tips on How to Avoid Hydroplaning

The term hydroplaning means that your car tires are not able to push aside water fast enough, so the vehicle starts to leave the surface of the road. These safety tips will help you keep more tread on those wet roads.

Before even heading out on the road, take a look at the condition of the tire treads. If they are worn, have them replaced. Be sure you are having the tires rotated on a regular basis so that all four tires are wearing evenly too.

Once on the road, be sure you travel in the tire tracks left from…
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These Items Can Help in an Emergency Situation

Modern vehicles tend to be more reliable than those made in previous years and decades. However, they can still be vulnerable to breaking down when you least expect it. Therefore, be sure to have an emergency kit that can help you fix a problem or survive until assistance arrives.

Your emergency kit should consist of food, water and items that can keep you warm. A radio, flashlight and batteries to power those items can also be handy when you are stranded in Vancouver. A cellphone can be used to call for help while jumper cables may make it possible to…

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The Dangers of Driving on Winter Tires All Year

New tires for your vehicle can be a big investment. If you've recently invested in winter tires to keep you safe when the snow flies, you may be contemplating driving them year-round. While this is an economically smart concept, there are some downfalls to driving winter tires all the time.

Winter tires are designed to function optimally in colder temperatures. All season tires are designed with a variety of temperatures in mind. If you want a good grip on the road, winter tires aren't going to cut it in the summer months.



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A Quick Guide: Refinancing VS Trading in Your Car

FIAT of Vancouver is here to help you make wise decisions. Part of what you need to do that is knowledge, such as information about refinancing your vehicle or trading it in.

Refinancing vs Trading in the Car

We do not want the people of Vancouver to make decisions like these without understanding what they are getting into, so keep the following in mind:

Refinancing Pros
  • Interest rate could be lower
  • Paying less could increase cash flow
  • You can change the lender if you do not like the current one
Refinancing Cons
  • You may switch to a bad lender
  • Extending…
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