Driving in snowy and icy conditions can be downright dangerous. For many Vancouver locals, it can also be quite frightening. At FIAT of Vancouver, we believe in the power of good preparation. With the two following strategies, you and all of your passengers can stay safe regardless of what the cold weather season has in store.

Keep Winter Essentials On Hand

When temperatures are extreme, you can never know for sure exactly how your vehicle will react. You'll want to have extra cold weather gear stashed in your trunk. It's also a good idea to pack flashlights, batteries, water, some warm blankets, and a few protein-rich snacks. These are things that will keep everyone safe and comfortable while waiting for roadside assistance to arrive.

Always Warm Your Car Up Outside

?If you need to warm your car up before heading out, always be sure to pull it out of the garage first. Even when the garage door is open, running your engine indoors can expose you and everyone else in the home to dangerous levels of carbon monoxide. To take a brand new vehicle out for a test drive, come see us at FIAT of Vancouver today.


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