Backup Cameras: What You Need to Know

If you are getting a new vehicle, a backup camera may be installed as a safety feature. At FIAT of Vancouver, we love to show off all the new safety equipment offered on new vehicles. Backup cameras are a popular safety feature on vehicles that will help you back up and park in a safe and quick way.

Parking with a backup camera is easy because the camera will display on your screen and offer guidelines to help you park well without hitting obstacles or other vehicles. The guidelines usually change color as you get close to something else, so you know the proper distance between your vehicle and something behind you.

If you are pulling out of a garage or a driveway, a backup camera is a good safety feature to help you view everything that is behind your vehicle. You may have alerts that happen if there are objects or people in the way. A backup camera is a good way to make sure there is nothing in your way before you drive in reverse.



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