The Dangers of Driving on Winter Tires All Year

New tires for your vehicle can be a big investment. If you've recently invested in winter tires to keep you safe when the snow flies, you may be contemplating driving them year-round. While this is an economically smart concept, there are some downfalls to driving winter tires all the time.

Winter tires are designed to function optimally in colder temperatures. All season tires are designed with a variety of temperatures in mind. If you want a good grip on the road, winter tires aren't going to cut it in the summer months.

Winter tires are designed with a very specific tread pattern that works well on snowy and icy roads. Summer and all-season tires are designed to be much smoother and quieter. You could decrease your fuel efficiency by driving winter tires all year. It's a better idea to shop around for an affordable summer variety.



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