Keeping Brakes in Good Shape can Save Lives

Here at FIAT of Vancouver, we like to help our customers and other drivers take good care of their vehicle safety systems. One safety system that is absolutely essential is the brake system. Well cared for and provisioned brakes can make the difference between drivers staying in control of their vehicles or losing it.

Brakes are special devices that mount on each vehicle tire. They come in two major varieties that include disc brakes and drum brakes. Disc brakes are considered to be the superior brake technology, and vehicles that use disc brakes on all wheels often indeed have greater stopping power.

In order to keep brakes in proper operating condition, they need regular service from professional personnel. That said, brakes can and do fail at any time, and drivers should keep a close eye out for some telltale signs. The signs include unexplained leakage of brake fluid, the brake pedal going all the way to the floor when pressed, and strange noises emanating from the wheel area. Also, any loss of braking force or sponginess in pedals should set off warning signs.



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