How Winter Tires Work

Winter tires are an important investment for Vancouver drivers. They help you stay safe and confident on the road. We here at FIAT of Vancouver want you to be informed about your vehicle's seasonal maintenance requirements, so here's some information about why you need to swap your tires out when the cold season hits.

Winter tires may look like standard tires, but they have many features that are designed to improve traction on icy roads. The rubber these tires are made out of is slightly more flexible. This allows them to conform to the surface of the road. They also have specially-designed treads with deep channels and thick studs. These small design elements can prevent wheel slip and unwanted sliding.

While they do provide great benefits in cold environments, you should never use winter tires during the summer. They're not engineered to be used in hotter climates. Doing so may cause more wear than normal.



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