When you turn your key and the car doesn't start, your first inclination may be to blame the battery, but it's also possible that your starter is malfunctioning. Composed of moving parts, gears and systems like the solenoid, there are plenty of opportunities for it to fail.

You'll instantly know something is wrong if you hear an unusual grating noise when attempting to start your car. Any smoke rising from the area or a spinning noise that happens instead of the engine turning over are all indications you should have a mechanic look at your vehicle immediately. Even your engine leaking oil could lead to a failing starter. If the engine simply won't engage at all, this could be an indication that the solenoid is malfunctioning.

If you've noticed something's not quite right with your starter, have our certified mechanics at FIAT of Vancouver give your starter a thorough inspection and either repair or replace it for you.



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