Fix Your Exhaust System Before There's a Bad Smell

No one likes the smell of vehicle exhaust gases. When your vehicle is running in tip-top shape, you likely can't even smell them. But when your car or truck needs work on the exhaust, you'll likely smell and even see the fumes. But a bad smell isn't the only thing that's wrong with a bad exhaust system.

The exhaust system on a vehicle has several parts. One of the first things that the gases on your car pass through is the manifold. The next thing is the O2 sensors, which analyze the gases. Next, the gas goes to the catalytic converter, which filters it. Finally, what's left goes out your muffler, which muffles the sound.

If some of these pieces are damaged, you can notice a bad odor, but you also might not pass a fuel emissions test. You might be getting poorer gas mileage, too. Finally, your car might get noisier.



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